LAST MODIFIED : 2016/04/05
This Privacy Protection Policy (this “Policy”) explains 101GLOBAL’s (“101GLOBAL” or “We”) policies in relation to the handling of personal information that maybe collected for purpose of providing service, function, contents and application on the wholesale market place http://101.global (“Site” or “Service”).

We protect personal information of customers subject to the following principles.
Subject to this Policy, we recognize the significance of your personal information. In principle, we do not share any personal information with third parties, including our business partners, in order to protect the customers’ privacy. Further, we do not store personal information of the customers in our server, if such information is not necessary in seamless provision of service.
We abide by the applicable statutes, including Act On The Protection, Use, ETC, Of Location Information, Telecommunications Business Act, Act On Promotion Of Information And Communications Network Utilization And Information Protection, ETC, and Personal Information Protection Act.
We will do our best to let you understand the measures takes to protect your personal information, the purpose and the way of our use of your personal information.
We will post this Policy in the lower part of the Site in order to facilitate your immediate access to the Policy.

Information to be collected
We collect the following information from customers.
1) Membership Information
* At the time the first signing-up on 101GLOBAL : Email address / name of the representative / name of the company / address of the company / establishment year / website address / contact number / classification of business activity / position and title
2) User Contents
* At the time of order : Name / address / contact number / email address / favorite brand / signature image file
3) IP address and cookies
IP address / cookies / MAC address / log data
4) Additional service and individualized service
* for services with payment : Credit card information / bank account
* for provision of event gift : Name / address / contact number / email address

The way the personal information is collected.
We collect personal information with the information collection tools incorporated in the 101GLOBAL, web page, fax, telephone and email. The collected personal information may be processed by Amazon Web Service (AWS) on behalf of us. The personal information may be transferred over to a region where your residential area is not located.
You may accept to store all cookies, choose to accept cookies each time the cookies are stored, or choose to store no cookies. Please set your options in the tab [tools] > [internet option] > [personal information protection] of your web browser. If you choose to store no cookies, you may encounter troubles in using the service.

The purpose we collect and use personal information.
We collect and use personal information for the following purposes.
1) Settlement and delivery of goods and service
2) Identification of members, prevention of unauthorized use of service, and membership management
3) Gathering statistics for service improvement, use for marketing and advertising

The requirement for consignment to a third party of personal information
We may consign personal information to a third party under the following exceptional circumstances.
1) For purpose of delivery, personal information can be transferred to delivery agencies.
2) For purpose of special promotion and events hosted by 101GLOBAL, personal information can be transferred to the event hosting agencies.
3) Further, for service improvement and secure the security of personal information protection, we may consign the entire or part of the personal information collected.
We will notify you in due course of the details of any appointment of consignee or any changes to the scope of consignment.

We delete your personal information upon your withdrawal of your membership.
You may, at any time, withdraw the consent to collection, use and disclose of personal information. Such withdrawal can be notified to us by your, applying for membership withdrawal through 101GLOBAL Site, delivery of notice mail, or transmission of email. The information administrator shall take every expedited appropriate measures upon such notice.

Personal information shall be deleted when the membership agreement terminates.
We keep and use personal information until the membership agreement terminates. Upon the termination of the membership agreement, we will immediately delete the personal information of the member, and take appropriate measure in order to prevent such information from being used for any purposes.
However, we may keep the following personal information under the relevant laws.
1) Record relating to execution of agreement or withdrawal of offer: 5 years
2) Record relating to settlement and delivery of goods: 5 years
3) Record relating to claims and disputes: 3 years
4) Record relating to indication and advertisement: 6 months
5) Record relating to Site log-in: 3 months

You have the right to access to your personal information.
You, as the holder of the information, may exercise the following options regarding the collection, use and sharing of personal information:
- Exercise right to access to personal information
- Make corrections or deletion;
- Make temporary suspension of treatment of personal information; or
- Request the withdrawal of their consent provided before

Personal information has been protected appropriately.
We regard the security of personal information of uses as very important. We construct the following security measures to protect your personal information from any unauthorized access, release, use or modification.
- Encryption of personal information
- Install a system in the zone the external access to which is controlled so as to prevent leakage or damage of users' personal information by hacking or computer virus
- Establish and execute internal management plan
- Install and operate access control system
- Take measures to prevent forging or alteration of access record

Announcement of update of this Policy
We publicly announce through the Site any amendment, addition, deletion no later than 7 days before the execution.

Do you have any problems our personal information protection?
If you have any questions regarding personal information protection, please send us detailed message to the contact details. We will do our best to address your concern.

[Personal information manager]
Name : Dong woo Han
Team : 101GLOBAL DEV team
Email : contact@101.global
Phone : +82+2+2+2017-2151
[Personal Information Administrator]
Name : Dong woo Han
Team : 101GLOBAL DEV team
Email : contact@101.global
Phone : +82+2+2+2017-2151

You may contact the following government agencies to accuse or consult with, with respect to any contravention of personal information protection:
- http://www.eprivacy.or.kr (+82 2 580 0533 ~ 4)
- http://www.spo.go.kr (2 3480 2000 +82)
- http://www.spo.go.kr (2 392 0330 +82)